Sessions are time spent in the company of Lady Chili. Meetings are held in the studio.

Lady Chili invites to the sessions:

  • submissive men,
  • trans people,
  • couples (married couples who want to try or experience something new), the tribute for the session is then double,
    submissive women
  • masochists,
  • fetishists,
  • submissive who want to serve on a permanent contract.


Possible sessions:

  • 1-hour basic
  • 2-hour, 3-hour sessions, during which you can experience more or more extensive practices,
  • sessions longer than 3 hours require an appointment at least one day in advance.
  • all-day, round-the-clock or even longer sessions


In the case of sessions where feminization is the basic element, the recommended session duration is a minimum of 2 hours, especially in the case of makeup.

If I agree to meet you for the sessions, remember that you come to My site and there are certain rules that you must follow (you can find more about the rules here).

I choose the scenario of the session individually. Don’t ask exactly what the session will be like, you don’t need to know. The elements of surprise and surprise are very important.
At the beginning of the session, I always conduct a short conversation during which I discuss the topics of preferences and fantasies. We also decide whether we set a security password or opt out of it.

Remember that when you come to the sessions, you are here to fulfill my fantasies and to serve me.

I require extremely strict adherence to appropriate forms of courtesy in the mistress-submissive relationship. You are not my equal and you will never be in any situation during the session, failure to follow this rule will result in your being shown your place immediately.

I expect your honesty in my interview at the beginning of the session. Questions related to your health are not based on my curiosity, but rather to your health and safety. Do not hide your health problems, it will help me prevent dangerous situations and choose such elements of domination so that you do not harm your health. The session is to fulfill your fantasies and yours, but most of all it is to be safe and fun for both parties.

If you have any requests, fantasies or a script, feel free to share it at the beginning of the session. I will consider and think about what and when to use.

If you are inexperienced, no problem. I will introduce you to my world, I will start by telling you what domination and service are. Then I will describe the types of domination and show you how the different accessories work. After a theoretical introduction, we will move on to experience, I will observe your body, reactions and emotions.



During the session with the Lady, you have the opportunity to fulfill your innermost fantasies, discover your fetishes or give yourself over to the ones you already have.


The rules are there for you to follow, they are related to different aspects of the session. They set certain norms and boundaries for actions and behaviors.


The sessions are held in my private studio. It is a discreet and safe place where you can carry out all BDSM practices without fear and embarrassment.


Sessions are time spent in the company of Lady Chili. Meetings are held in the studio. The studio is richly equipped with appliances and various accessories necessary for magical moments.

Lady Chili

Witaj w Moim świecie.

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