Sessions are time spent in the company of Lady Chili. Meetings are held in the studio. Lady Chili invites to the sessions: submissive men, trans people, couples (married couples who want to try or experience something new), the tribute for the session is then double, submissive women masochists, fetishists, submissive who want to serve on […]

Toys and gadgets

All studio equipment: toys and gadgets are used with exceptional cleanliness and hygiene, i.e. washed and disinfected with special preparations intended for this purpose.   ATTENTION: if you have your own toys and you want to bring them, this is an option if you want your toys to stay with you, they are cleaned, washed […]

Scheduling a session

Arranging a session and paying:   Method I. What are you doing? If you are on your website, you make an advance payment by choosing one of the two methods provided. Then you fill out a survey that is on the website.  After completing the questionnaire, you call +48 575-630-335 the lady to arrange the […]

A gift for Lady

The gift is a nice gesture. If you want to make you happy or buy yourself into favours, bringing a small gift would be a great idea. Gifts are something special and personal. You have the opportunity to show your submission, respect and is a form of paying tribute and appreciation. Giving the Lady when […]


If you positively marked the implementation of anal play in the survey, it is necessary to prepare for it. This means proper cleaning of the anus, i.e. an enema. You have to come to the Lady for the session, already cleaned, because the Lady does not perform an enema, nor is it possible to carry […]

Hygiene and shaving hair

When you come to the sessions, you will have to wash yourself – takes a shower. Clean towels and shower gel are provided. If the session is to include anal elements – an enema is mandatory. Shaving yourself is not an easy topic. If you do not shave your hair, it can be a problem […]