Mental domination

Mental domination is primarily the creation of emotional and emotional states between the dominant and the submissive. It is a skillful play of feelings carefully fueled by the dominant person. I am not talking about the feeling of partner love, but about the feelings and emotions that make up this relationship. These are unpleasant feelings such as: fear, anxiety, anxiety, tension, fear, pain, impatience, insufficiency, nervousness, anger (towards himself / herself), irritation, suffering, longing and many similar feelings repeatedly felt by the person has succumbed to situations related to tasks or practices given to the submissive person by the dominant, and later bringing feelings that are pleasant to the submissive person: relief, satisfaction, fulfillment, warmth (when you can hug and thank, even love (often encountered), bonds, euphoria, excitement , etc ..

Examples of mental domination: insults, reducing the role of furniture – human furniture, spitting on, humiliating, orders, the Lady’s service, Lady-dog relationship: leading on a leash, eating and drinking from a bowl, etc.

Also here I include sensory deprivation consisting in the deliberate reduction or removal of stimuli acting on one or several senses. For sensory deprivation, she uses, among other things, a head mask that cuts off sight and hearing.



During the session with the Lady, you have the opportunity to fulfill your innermost fantasies, discover your fetishes or give yourself over to the ones you already have.


The rules are there for you to follow, they are related to different aspects of the session. They set certain norms and boundaries for actions and behaviors.


The sessions are held in my private studio. It is a discreet and safe place where you can carry out all BDSM practices without fear and embarrassment.


Sessions are time spent in the company of Lady Chili. Meetings are held in the studio. The studio is richly equipped with appliances and various accessories necessary for magical moments.

Lady Chili

Witaj w Moim świecie.

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