Mental domination

Mental domination is primarily the creation of emotional and emotional states between the dominant and the submissive. It is a skillful play of feelings carefully fueled by the dominant person. I am not talking about the feeling of partner love, but about the feelings and emotions that make up this relationship. These are unpleasant feelings […]

Role Play and Age Play

A perfect diversification of the session is fun, in which you and you play different roles, which may also be related to the change of your age. Such fun requires the active participation of both parties. These are sessions that cannot be planned because the actions taken during the sessions are created on an ongoing […]

Role Play

Your fantasies may concern being in various roles, such as: a convict, subordinate, patient, dog or cat, or maybe you are turned on by being a table, a hanger for a lady or a chair. If you have other fantasies about acting, tell the Lady. The Lady will consider whether their implementation is possible.   […]


During the session with the Lady you have the opportunity to realize your innermost fantasies, discover your fetishes or indulge in the ones you already have. In the tabs below you can read about practices and forms of domination that give me pleasure, and what you will see during the session. Below I will list […]


Feminization is a practice for those who feel a woman or want to feel her. Under my watchful eye you will undergo training, thanks to which you will be able to become a promiscuous whore or sissy maid serving my every call. A few basic women’s fatals in the form of stockings or underwear will […]


Do you like fun and interesting experiences? You are inexperienced – excellent! Electrostimulation is for you if you like the experience of using electricity of different intensity or toys, the so-called massagers that are related to erotic domination. The current in the massagers is drawn from a low voltage battery. The Lady has various massagers […]

Public domination

Public domination takes place with the participation of third parties, which are actively or passively involved in the session. Public domination can take place basically anywhere, on a street, a restaurant, sa hop, a caffee, or various climatic or “normal” events. The scope of public domination depends on: your expectations, possibilities, experiences, readiness to act. […]

Physical domination

Physical domination is a form that involves pain of varying levels and intensity. Physical domination includes various elements and activities, always selected individually after talking to the submissive person. Physical domination is dedicated for the people who have no experience, as well asfor the experienced one, but also for the people with masochistic tendencies. I […]

Erotic domination

This type of practice can be very pleasant, associated with amazing erotic sensations, but it can also be a form of torture and humiliation. Among the erotic domination can be distinguished: Anal play Erection control   Anal play Anal games are for everyone, but not necessarily all the elements of it. You must have an […]

Medical domination

Medical domination is intended for people who like and appreciate dry games. You have a fetish of needles, punctures, injections, clothing and medical equipment, or maybe “medical” odors associated with the disinfectants you use – this is the way to play for you. Or maybe you just want to try something special?   During medical […]

Lady Chili

Witaj w Moim świecie.

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