Session fees

You can pay for the session:

  • You make an advance payment of PLN 100, account number 13 1870 1045 2078 1007 1520 0001 (preferably by quick transfer) with the note Anna Kowalska booking the date and enter the date of the session and the questionnaire number. You are sending your transfer confirmation. After receiving the advance payment, you will receive information and contact the lady to arrange the session.
  • You make an advance payment of  PLN 100 by post to Lady telephone number 575 630 335. After the payment, you receive information from you and you call to arrange a session.
  • Personally at the session – When choosing this form of payment, remember to bring the deducted amount (I do not spend the rest) to you in an envelope. You hand over the fee with the envelope at the beginning of the session and put it in the place indicated by you or hand it over to you in your teeth


However, if you make an appointment and do not show up for the session, it will be possible to make another appointment only after paying the advance. !!!



1 h – 350 PLN

2 h – 700 PLN

3 h – 1000 PLN




4 h  – 1350 PLN

5 h  – 1700 PLN

6 h  – 2000 PLN

8 h  – 2700 PLN

10 h – 3350 PLN

These fees apply to sessions from 10.00am to 10.00pm




1h of session is PLN 400

2h – 800 PLN

3h- 1200 PLN

4h- 1600 PLN



2 h + accommodation – PLN 1500 (starts from 22.00-24.00 and overnight stay 24.00-8.00)

3 hours + accommodation – PLN 1800 (starts from 9.00 p.m. to 12.00 p.m. and overnight stay from 24.00 to 8.00 a.m.)

4 hours + accommodation – PLN 2200 (starts from 8.00 p.m. to 12.00 p.m. and overnight stay from 24.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m.)




3 h – 450 PLN

4 h – 600 PLN

5 h – 750 PLN

6 h – 900 PLN

8 h – 1200 PLN


If your imprisonment is associated with additional session elements, such as bonding / immobilization or sensory deprivation, you will pay PLN 150 for each hour of imprisonment.



24h – 4.000 PLN

48h – 8.000 PLN

72h – 10.000 PLN

96h- 12.000 PLN



  • Session with two people (hetero or homo couple) – double tribute.
  • Sessions with two dominos – double tribute.
  • Sessions longer than 3 hours or with an overnight stay: an advance payment of 50% is required, which is paid to the account.
  • After the advance payment is credited to the account, it is possible to arrange the date of the session.



  • If you make an appointment and you do not come or cancel, the advance payment is forfeited
  • If you make an appointment and cancel at least 24 hours before the agreed date of the session, it is possible to postpone the session to the next date. The advance payment is not forfeited.
  • After paying the advance payment, you can postpone the meeting twice.
  • After postponing the deadline 3 times, the advance is forfeited
  • If you make an appointment for a short session that does not require an advance payment and you do not appear for the session or you do not cancel the session, you will be able to arrange the session only after paying 50% of the advance payment to your account.


During the session with the Lady, you have the opportunity to fulfill your innermost fantasies, discover your fetishes or give yourself over to the ones you already have.


The rules are there for you to follow, they are related to different aspects of the session. They set certain norms and boundaries for actions and behaviors.


The sessions are held in my private studio. It is a discreet and safe place where you can carry out all BDSM practices without fear and embarrassment.


Sessions are time spent in the company of Lady Chili. Meetings are held in the studio. The studio is richly equipped with appliances and various accessories necessary for magical moments.

Lady Chili

Witaj w Moim świecie.

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