Mental domination

Mental domination is primarily the creation of emotional and emotional states between the dominant and the submissive. It is a skillful play of feelings carefully fueled by the dominant person. I am not talking about the feeling of partner love, but about the feelings and emotions that make up this relationship. These are unpleasant feelings […]


The rules are there for you to follow, they are related to different aspects of the session. They set certain norms and boundaries for actions and behaviors. The lady wrote down four groups of rules: Savoir-vivre Security Fantasies Lady and submissive dress


Savoir-vivre are rules that you must follow during the session. The lady wrote them down so that you could read them and follow them: Address the Lady: Lady, Lady You always come to the session at the appointed time If you are unable to attend the scheduled session, let me know at least one hour […]


Sessions are time spent in the company of Lady Chili. Meetings are held in the studio. Lady Chili invites to the sessions: submissive men, trans people, couples (married couples who want to try or experience something new), the tribute for the session is then double, submissive women masochists, fetishists, submissive who want to serve on […]

Toys and gadgets

All studio equipment: toys and gadgets are used with exceptional cleanliness and hygiene, i.e. washed and disinfected with special preparations intended for this purpose.   ATTENTION: if you have your own toys and you want to bring them, this is an option if you want your toys to stay with you, they are cleaned, washed […]

Scheduling a session

Arranging a session and paying:   Method I. What are you doing? If you are on your website, you make an advance payment by choosing one of the two methods provided. Then you fill out a survey that is on the website.  After completing the questionnaire, you send massage the lady to arrange the […]

Lady and submissive dress

I know that you often ask how the Lady will be dressed and whether you can expect any clothes. It is the Lady who decides how she is dressed and you have no right to expect or say how you should dress. The lady is always dressed, which means: no naked, topless or half-naked sessions. […]

Role Play and Age Play

A perfect diversification of the session is fun, in which you and you play different roles, which may also be related to the change of your age. Such fun requires the active participation of both parties. These are sessions that cannot be planned because the actions taken during the sessions are created on an ongoing […]

Lady Chili

Witaj w Moim świecie.

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